Yamaha Rydeen Drum Kit Pack

  • RRP: $1,199.00
  • Our Price: $895.00
  • Colour
    Euro (Rock) / Fusion Drum Size

Yamaha Rydeen Pack.

Everything you've come to expect but this now includes a Stool, PST Cymbal Pack and DS550 Drum Stool! Whilst stocks last, so get in quick!

Yamaha's Rydeen series is a full kit of drums - complete with hardware and Paiste cymbals - all at a price that makes owning a set of Yamaha Drums easier than ever.

The 5-piece set includes a 22''x 16'' bass drum, 16''x 16'' floor tom, 13''x 9.5'' and 12'' x 9'' toms, and a 14'' x 5.5'' snare drum that are going to make you look and sound great whether you're playing rock, country or jazz.

Accompanying the kit are a bass drum pedal, crash and hi-hat cymbals, and a set of Yamaha's double-braced hardware - formed for its outstanding function, stability and durability - so you can play right away. Check out the Rydeen and play your next gig on the brand the pros demand. Play it on a set of Yamaha Drums.

  • Yamaha 5-piece Rydeen Kit
  • Drum Stool
  • Paiste PST Cymbal Pack

Rydeen Drum Kit Pack
Rydeen Drum Kit PackRydeen Drum Kit PackRydeen Drum Kit PackRydeen Drum Kit Pack
Rydeen Drum Kit PackRydeen Drum Kit Pack

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