Schecter Omen 7

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  • Our Price: $919.00
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Schecter Omen 7.

Schecter Omen 7 Electric Guitar (7-String). 

Don't wait for an omen to tell you that you need this 7 string guitar. It features a basswood body, 2 Diamond humbucker pickups and a Walnut Satin finish. The Schecter Omen 7 7-String Electric Guitar is loaded with quality features, starting with classic design tuners in a lubricated and sealed housing to protect gears for a lifetime of maintenance free playability. 

Details include a 15:1 gear ratio for smooth and precise tuning, removable knobs, threaded hex peghead bushing, and a 10 millimeter diameter peg hole. Another popular design feature is the Omen 7 Rosewood fingerboard. Naturally oily, the rosewood works well for any surface that sees frequent human contact. The Omen 7 includes Schecter Diamond Plus pickups perfect for drop tunings and made for crunchy rhythms and blistering leads. 

Over wound coils with a Ceramic Magnet give this aggressive high output pickup the push that will send your amp over the edge. The Omen 7 was also designed with classic design Tune-O-Matic bridge with a Schecter 'String Thru' body tail for added string tension, sustain and clarity. To top it off is the Omen 7's maple neck that transfers a bright tone to the body which complements the warm tones of a mahogany body. 

Omen 7

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