Apogee GIO

  • RRP: $549.00
  • Our Price: $549.00

Apogee GIO - The made-for-Mac Apogee GiO is your instant solution for recording guitar. 

Just plug in your axe, plug GiO into your Mac, and get ready to rock. Apogee packed GiO with their legendary analog-to-digital know-how, so you know your guitar tone will stay intact on its way to your computer. Even cooler, GiO acts as a software controller, so you can stomp your way through your guitar effects and amp modeling software. 

Take control of your guitar tone - hands-free! Imagine finding your sound without going back and forth from your guitar to your Mac. With GiO, you can audition effects presets in GarageBand, Logic and MainStage, and turn effects on and off while playing or recording... all without touching your keyboard. 

GiO also frees you from key-command recording allowing you to concentrate on your performance and not the space bar. The five transport buttons on GiO let you record, play, stop, and quickly navigate thru your track without taking your hands off the neck of your guitar.


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