Our hi-tech, pro-audio, guitar and gear obsessed staff member Dylan loves to make videos and product demos whenever time allows. Check out some of them below or head here to see more. We also currently have up videos of special guest Diane Ponzio talking about the beautiful M36 and D35 Martin Acoustic Guitars, as well as Drum Factory tours, Pansini Percussion demonstrations and Andrew Mobbs talking everything guitars, amplifiers, strings and Boss pedals.

We'll keep this page updated, so come back and check out new products in action and exciting stuff that's happening in-store. Also feel free to get in touch via Facebook (or in-store, phone, e-mail, anything!) for suggestions on stuff you'd like to see.

Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus Demo

TC Electronic WireTap Demo

Bogner La Grange Pedal, with Music Man Cutlass 

Martin Dreadnought Junior Demo

PRS Guitars - Mark Holcomb (Periphery) - Full In-Store Clinic

PRS Wood Library "Fatback 24" Limited Run Guitars

Schecter Banshee Elite Series Guitars

Mesa Boogie Big Block 750 Bass Amp

Ampeg V-4B Tube Bass Guitar Amplifier

Ashdown ABM 500 Bass Amplifier Demo

RØDE Microphones NT-USB Condenser Microphone Demo

Diane Ponzio talks about the Martin M36 Acoustic Guitar

Diane Ponzio talks about the Martin D35 Acoustic Guitar

Diane Ponzio talks about the rare Martin CS-OM-13

Drum Factory Tour with Nick Pansini

Pansini Percussion Studio Demonstration

Andrew Mobbs talking guitars with Kevin Coco

Kevin Coco talking with Andrew Mobbs on Amplifiers

Andrew Mobbs Strings and Boss Pedals

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