Korg RimPitch-C

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Korg RimPitch-C. The new style of tuner for the acoustic guitar; a chromatic tuner that can be attached to the sound hole. Rimpitch-C expands upon KORGs innovative Rimpitch tuner by adding chromatic functionality. By attaching the tuner inside the sound hole of your acoustic guitar, you can casually observe the tuning meter at an incredibly convenient viewing angle. With a broad detection range and a calibration function, this model allows accurate and discrete tuning in a wide variety of performance environments. The Rimpitch-C is the ideal choice for acoustic guitarists who require a more flexible tuning option. Support for chromatic tuning, a broad detection range, and a calibration function Attaches to the inside of your guitars sound hole making for an incredibly convenient viewing angle Fits a variety of acoustic guitars Piezo pickup rapidly and accurately detects the sound High-brightness LED for excellent visibility.


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