Yamaha Crosstown Bop Drum Kit

  • RRP: $1,899.99
  • Our Price: $1,549.00

Yamaha Crosstown Bop Drum Kit - Natural Wood

The Crosstown Bop kit features a Stage Custom Birch shell pack in bop sizes including an 18"x 15" bass drum, a 14"x 13" floor tom, a 12"x 8" tom and a matching 14"x 5.5" snare drum and an FP7210A chain drive bass drum pedal.

Combined with a Crosstown Advanced Lightweight hardware set (HW3 Pack) including two CS3 cymbal stands, an SS3 snare drum stand, a HS3 hi-hat stand the Crosstown Bop is the ultimate in performance and portability.

Crosstown Bop Drum Kit
Crosstown Bop Drum KitCrosstown Bop Drum Kit

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